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Avanti Implements Multi-Orbit Strategy to Revitalize Business Positioning

Avanti Communications (“Avanti”) has unveiled a substantial strategic shift, transitioning from a satellite operator in geostationary orbit to a global multi-orbit provider offering fully integrated connectivity services and solutions.

With the satellite industry experiencing rapid growth due to increased convergence between terrestrial and non-terrestrial connectivity, Avanti’s new strategy aims to address the growing complexity and diverse needs of its customer base. This approach enables Avanti to provide high-performance solutions on a global scale while remaining responsive to evolving customer requirements.

Grounded in a “customer pull” versus “technology push” model, Avanti’s customer-centric approach prioritizes choice, value, and tailored solutions for customers across various industries, including defence, aero and maritime, rural communities and schools, satellite operators, governments, and enterprise.

Toby Robinson, Chief of Strategy and Business Development at Avanti, highlighted the evolving needs of customers and the company’s commitment to tailoring solutions that consider low-earth orbit (LEO), medium-earth orbit (MEO), and geostationary orbit (GEO). This customer-first approach positions Avanti competitively in the dynamic and rapidly growing space industry.

Avanti is currently in discussions with a prominent low-earth orbit (LEO) operator to secure capacity and is planning substantial investments in managed services capabilities. Kyle Whitehill, CEO of Avanti, emphasized the integration of the space industry with telecommunications, noting the increasing competitiveness for capacity. Rather than solely focusing on satellite expansion, Avanti prioritizes strategic partnerships and service offerings to maintain agility and responsiveness to industry trends and customer needs while upholding high performance, reliability, and service quality.

Based in London, Avanti operates across seven offices in the UK, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Turkey, and Cyprus.

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