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BankID Introduced to Tackle Identity Impersonation, Enhancing Digital Identity Security in Nigeria

Located at the forefront of Nigeria’s digital revolution is BankID, an innovative product launched by Finsel DGI, a wholly Nigerian-owned initiative.

Conceived by Confidence Jackmay, a tech innovator driven by a profound love for his country, and Chigozie Lemoha, an enterprising product manager, BankID serves both as an authentication system and a driving force for propelling Nigeria into the digital sphere.

Confidence Jackmay and Chigozie Lemoha’s collaborative effort initiated the development of BankID, involving key national institutions such as NDPC, NITDA, and NIMC, thereby establishing a transparent pathway for regulatory compliance and fruitful collaboration.

Inspired by international best practices yet deeply grounded in their Nigerian heritage, the founders envisioned BankID as not only a solution but also a movement to empower citizens. Their exposure to global tech environments, combined with their fervent dedication to Nigeria, fueled their mission to create a locally developed identity solution that could rival the best worldwide.

BankID streamlines the intricate landscape of digital identities, offering a seamless and secure online authentication experience. Built on the foundation of the Nigerian National Identification Number (NIN), BankID enables citizens to safeguard their identities while accessing a multitude of digital services. This pioneering product acts as a bridge, linking the people of Nigeria to the boundless opportunities of the digital era.

BankID’s trajectory commenced in March 2023, driven by the aspiration for a digitally advanced Nigeria. From its initial use among innovators to the unveiling of the first alpha version, BankID has swiftly evolved. The introduction of BankID Console, BankID Mobil beta-v0.0.3, and microservice API documentation suites in September 2023 marked the end of the preliminary phase.

BankID Mobil, the central component of the product, serves as a digital mobile ID firewall for the Nigerian NIN. Through BankID Mobil, every Nigerian gains the ability to oversee their identity, ensuring that their data is responsibly accessed and utilized. From verifying transactions to signing documents and logging into websites, BankID simplifies the digital experience, prioritizing the end-user’s needs.

Presently, the company is actively engaged in fostering transparent collaboration with the Ministry of Interior and Digital Economy, with a focus on data harmonization aligned with national objectives, thereby opening pathways for cooperation and advancement.

BankID not only provides authentication but also grants individuals the power to turn their innovative ideas into reality without relying on third-party authentication systems. The founders chose a path of self-sufficiency rather than seeking external investments, with Confidence Jackmay primarily funding BankID’s journey from conception to execution. His unwavering belief in the transformative potential of BankID led him to invest not only financially but also with his passion, time, and expertise, underscoring the profound commitment to the cause and the aspiration to create something truly meaningful for Nigeria.

Looking ahead, BankID remains steadfast in its mission to safeguard Nigeria’s extensive human resources data and empower every citizen with a reliable digital identity. Beyond being a product, it represents a movement to bolster Nigeria’s potential in the digital landscape. The company encourages developers to explore the BankID Console and begin developing with its authentication and signature scopes after generating their credentials. Through its plug-and-play simplicity, developers can contribute to Nigeria’s digital transformation and shape the future of Africa, one secure digital identity at a time.

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