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First Foldable Phone Will Arrive in the Second Half of the Year: OnePlus

OnePlus that was founded in 2013 was a cautious company, deliberate in its release schedule. The Shenzhen-based firm would announce one to two phones a year, not hung up on being the first to market with new features. It was a cadence that allowed the company to distinguish itself, in part, through pricing, with products often priced hundreds of dollars less than flagships from Samsung and Apple.

The company’s emphasis on high-quality devices hasn’t changed; it continues to create items that can compete with the leading brands in the market. On the other side, its release roadmap is less calculated. The company announced the OnePlus 11 as its new flagship in January. The 11R, which is aimed towards India, arrived earlier this month. The business currently also sells the 10T and 10 Pro from a year ago, three inexpensive Nord devices, five earphones, and a tablet. A new “Featuring” series focusing on product partnerships is about to debut, and it will feature a new mechanical keyboard.

Moreover, OnePlus will unveil its first foldable in 2023, making good on the promise of “something fantastic” hinted at during this month’s 11 launch event. Reporters got down with COO Kinder Liu to talk about OnePlus’ long-rumored entry into the market following yesterday’s MWC announcement of the glowing liquid-cooled OnePlus 11 prototype.

“We will release our foldable phone in the second half of this year,” Liu told reporters through a translator. “It will also be a flagship phone, as with the other top-positioned products in our portfolio. That is the reason why we haven’t released any foldable phones in the past several years. Because we really wanted to release the best one.”

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