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Formerly Twitter, X, CEO Announces Nearly $20 Million Payout to Creators

X, formerly known as Twitter, has made significant strides in supporting its creator community, with CEO Linda Yaccarino revealing that they have disbursed nearly $20 million to creators on the platform.

Yaccarino emphasized X’s commitment to fostering economic success among creators, stating, “Create. Connect. Collect, all on X. We’re empowering various segments, including creators, and to date, we’ve distributed close to $20 million to our creator community.” This announcement was made via the platform on a Friday morning.

The ad revenue-sharing initiative by X was introduced globally in July. Initially, the program targeted verified creators who boasted a minimum of 500 followers and had accumulated 15 million impressions from their posts over the past three months. These creators were promised a share of the ad revenue generated from replies to their posts by other verified users.

In August, X revised the eligibility criteria for ad revenue sharing, reducing the required impressions to 5 million and lowering the minimum payout threshold from $50 to $10.

Elon Musk, the owner of X, later disclosed that the initial payouts, covering the period from February to July, amounted to approximately $5 million. Since then, over the course of approximately two months, the total has surged to $20 million. This significant increase suggests that more creators have joined the program, X’s ads have garnered higher impressions, or possibly both factors are at play.

The success of the program relies on amplification, as creators receive compensation based on the number of replies they generate from verified users. Creators are encouraged to gain attention on the platform, a phenomenon that, as indicated by a Harvard Business Review study, can sometimes involve eliciting strong emotions, including negative ones.

Regardless of the precise accuracy of the $20 million payout figure, it underscores a compelling reason for users to consider subscribing to X Premium (formerly Twitter Blue) and actively engaging on the platform.

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