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Foundry Empowers 500+ SMEs, Startups across Africa towards Profitability and Sustainability

With its impact-driven programs to support entrepreneurs at all stages, Foundry, a Nest Innovation Technology Park project that supports startups and SMEs, is making waves across Africa.

Since its founding in 2021, Foundry has made it its aim to support the development of viable enterprises in Africa, boosting the continent’s economy by giving entrepreneurs and startup founders access to mentorship, advice, investment, and training opportunities.

With over 500 Businesses and 40 startups empowered and grants given to successful and resourceful SMEs in Nigeria, Kenya, Sierra Leone, and Ghana, Foundry’s influence is clear. For the next three years, the project hopes to expand its reach to 5000 SMEs and 200 startups throughout the continent.

Light Ohwoka, the project lead at Foundry, declares: “We are committed to enabling creative and resourceful business owners, fostering the expansion and development of their enterprises, and positioning them for sustainability and growth.

Foundry provides access to a network of entrepreneurs, mentorship, funding opportunities, and industry specialists. Investment-ready firms have the chance to pitch investors as part of one of its programs, The Pitch Night, and receive direct cash.

Another program, the SME Bootcamp, is a two-week intensive course created to connect small and local firms with the appropriate entrepreneurial expertise, giving them the support & infrastructure they need to scale and position themselves for sustainable success.

The Foundry’s program participants attest to the value and effect they have already seen. According to Mr. Daniel, CEO of Mobile Chefs, “Foundry established a foundation for me to expand and explore options within my firm. They assisted me with resetting my company’s Big Why, and being a part of this community has greatly aided the development of my company. I have also gained proper financial literacy, which will aid in the long-term stability and valuation of my company.

Registration for the sixth Foundry SME Bootcamp is now open and will run through March 17th. Successful candidates will receive mentoring, financing to build their firms, tools to modernize their company operations, training from business professionals, and unique access to alumni-only events and promotions.

Without a doubt, Foundry’s excellent successes in enabling African firms for profitability and sustainability highlight the need of encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation on the continent. It is laudable that Foundry is steadfastly devoted to developing African entrepreneurs given the enormous effect of this project.

How  to Apply:

Visit Foundry SME 6 to submit an application for SME Bootcamp 6.0.

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