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Google Introduces Generative AI for Search In Nigeria and Other African Markets

Google is introducing its Search Generative Experience (“SGE”) in the SSA region as an opt-in experiment within Search Labs. This AI-driven experience is accessible in English.

Utilizing advancements in generative AI, Google is reenvisioning the capabilities of a search engine and is incorporating these powerful features into Search in a bold and responsible manner. The new technology can address entirely new types of questions that were previously challenging for Search to answer, revolutionizing the organization of information to assist users in navigating and comprehending the vast online landscape.

Enhancing Search with Generative AI

SGE’s generative AI capabilities provide users with an AI-powered overview of key information, accompanied by links for further exploration. For individuals overwhelmed by the abundance of online information, this feature streamlines the process of finding answers quickly.

For example, with a query like “Does Honey ever Spoil?” typically, users might break down the question, sift through abundant information, and piece together answers themselves. With generative AI, Search assists in this process by delivering an overview, followed by suggested next steps where users can tap on queries like “What is the oldest honey ever eaten?” or input a specific follow-up question. This conversational experience facilitates intuitive learning about the explored topic, maintaining context from question to question.

Featuring Diverse Voices and Sources

Recognizing the value of insights from various perspectives, Google has designed these experiences to showcase and draw attention to web content, facilitating deeper exploration of specific topics. As generative AI becomes integrated into Search, Google remains committed to directing valuable traffic to various web sources. With SGE, more links and a broader range of sources are displayed on the results page, opening up new opportunities for content discovery.

Advertisements, crucial for the functioning of the web, will continue to appear in dedicated slots throughout the page in this generative experience. Google reaffirms its commitment to ad transparency, ensuring that ads are distinguishable from organic search results by featuring clear and transparent ad labels.

Responsible Implementation

Google is approaching the introduction of new generative AI capabilities to Search with responsibility and careful consideration. The models used in SGE are trained to meet Search’s high standards for quality, with ongoing improvements. These well-established systems, refined over decades, include additional safeguards, such as limiting the types of queries where generative AI capabilities will be applied.

Wambui Kinya, GM for Search in Africa, stated, “With new generative AI capabilities in Search, we’re now taking more of the work out of searching. We’re imagining a supercharged Search that does the heavy lifting for you so you’ll be able to understand a topic faster, uncover new viewpoints and insights, and get things done more easily. This Search Generative Experience is the first step we’re taking in this journey, and part of our vision to make Search radically more helpful. We’re excited to bring this to the SSA region and look forward to receiving feedback and iterating on the experience alongside our users over the next few months.”

Experiment in Search Labs

Google is launching SGE as an experiment in Search Labs, accessible on Chrome desktop and the latest version of the Google App on Android and iOS. Access via Chrome desktop is available now, with access through the Google app being enabled over the coming week. Users can opt in to try it out and provide feedback directly to the teams working on it by tapping the Labs icon in the Google app or Chrome desktop and visiting to learn more.

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