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Hervest Achieves Landmark as the First African-Based Start-Up Showcased in Google’s #WeArePlay Campaign

HerVest, the pioneering African-based start-up, has recently achieved a significant milestone by being prominently featured in a comprehensive film coverage as part of Google’s global #WeArePlay campaign.

The #WeArePlay campaign by Google is a celebration of the diverse community of individuals and businesses actively developing innovative applications and games on the Google Play platform.

The participation of HerVest in this campaign serves as a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to delivering accessible and user-friendly financial solutions tailored for women across Africa. The HerVest app, which shares the same name as the start-up, offers an array of financial services customized to meet the specific needs of women. These services include savings plans, investment opportunities, and resources for enhancing financial literacy.

Expressing her thoughts on this momentous achievement, Solape Akinpelu, Co-founder, and CEO of HerVest, expressed, “We are deeply honored to be the first African start-up to be featured in the WeArePlay campaign. This recognition underscores our commitment to bridging the economic gender gap and providing women from various backgrounds with tailored financial products that empower them to achieve their financial aspirations.”

The selection of HerVest for the prestigious WeArePlay campaign underscores the increasing prominence of African start-ups within the global tech domain. HerVest’s innovative approach to financial inclusion is aligned with Google’s mission to support a diverse group of application developers and foster the growth of inclusive technologies.

Yomi Ogunleye, the co-founder of HerVest, further emphasized, “HerVest serves as a shining example of the boundless innovation and creativity that African start-ups bring to the fore. We are proud to be featured in the global #WeArePlay campaign, showcasing our significant contributions to the global tech ecosystem.”

HerVest’s remarkable accomplishment serves as a source of immense pride for not only Nigeria but also the entire African tech community. The success of this company stands as an inspiring model for other African start-ups striving to make a substantial impact on a global scale.

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