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Interswitch Launches Google Pay Support on its Payment Gateway in Nigeria

Interswitch, Africa’s leading integrated payments and digital commerce company, will support Google Pay on its Interswitch Payment Gateway (IPG) platform.

This initiative introduces a convenient and secure way for businesses and individuals in Nigeria to embrace contactless payments and digital storage, in line with the global trend of simplifying transactions.

Merchants now have the capability to save payment information within Google Wallet. This integration streamlines the checkout process on the Interswitch platform, enhancing the overall user experience.

Furthermore, this collaboration enables the acceptance of international cards through the Interswitch Payment Gateway, allowing businesses to effortlessly serve a broader international customer base.

Using Google Pay on the Interswitch platform ensures safer transactions with robust security measures. These include industry-standard tokenization, where transactions use a virtual card number, providing an additional layer of protection against potential fraud. In case of lost or misplaced devices, users can swiftly protect their information using the “Find my device” feature.

Muyiwa Asagba, Managing Director of Digital Commerce & Merchant Acquiring at Interswitch, expressed, “We are delighted to partner with Google Pay, as it reflects our dedication to delivering cutting-edge payment solutions that enable seamless transactions for businesses and their customers. By integrating Google Pay into our Payment Gateway, we empower businesses to tap into a global customer base while ensuring secure and dependable payments.”

Jenny Cheng, Vice President and General Manager of Google Wallet, stated, “Google Pay offers a fast, convenient, and secure payment method for users in over 70 countries and territories to make payments with their Android phones or Wear OS devices. Users can easily add their debit and credit cards to the Google Wallet app, confident that their financial information remains safe and secure during transactions.”

As a technology-focused company, Interswitch consistently collaborates with brands that share common values to drive the evolution of payments across Africa and beyond. The integration with Google Pay represents a significant stride in reshaping the online payment landscape, enabling businesses and consumers to thrive in an interconnected digital environment.

Businesses and consumers eager to experience the advantages of Google Pay on the Interswitch Payment Gateway can now register on the Interswitch platform.

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