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Mr. Biggs Unveils New Ordering App for Seamless Dining Experience

Mr Bigg’s, Nigeria’s preferred family restaurant, has announced the launch of its online ordering app, setting new standards in convenience and customer engagement.

Introducing the Mr Bigg’s Ordering App marks a significant advancement in simplifying the order placement process, granting users the convenience to place their orders for delivery or pickup at their preferred store location.

The app boasts a user-friendly interface that guarantees effortless navigation through the menu, enabling customers to effortlessly select their desired items and personalize orders according to their preferences. Whether one’s cravings lean towards the iconic meat pies or the intriguing new additions like Asun Rice, Asun Spaghetti, Rice & Beans, Sandwich, and Egg Roll, the app brings an unprecedented level of ease to savoring the diverse and flavorful offerings of Mr Bigg’s.

David Asama Dogeni, the Chief Technology Officer at UAC Restaurants Limited, emphasized the app’s transformative influence, stating, “We are delighted to unveil our new mobile ordering application, marking a significant milestone in our ongoing endeavors to elevate our customers’ experience and redefine convenience. Our unwavering dedication to placing customers at the core of our operations has steered the creation of this cutting-edge mobile app.”

“In today’s swiftly changing landscape, we recognize the significance of furnishing seamless and accessible technological solutions that cater to our customers’ ever-evolving demands. With the introduction of our mobile app, we take yet another audacious stride toward ensuring that your order from us transcends mere sustenance, transforming into an encounter that seamlessly amalgamates technology with exceptional cuisine and service,” he further elaborated.

Download the app today to enjoy the perks of gift vouchers and exclusive deals that await you.

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