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Nigerian Marketing Communications are here to stay, It’s Big Impact on the Elections in 2023. CEO of McEnies – Olaosebikan.

Omolaraeni Olaosebikan, CEO of McEnies Global Communications has given credit to practitioners within the integrated marketing communication space during the conduct of the 2023 Presidential, Governorship, State Assembly and National Assembly elections in Nigeria, stating that they proved their mettle during the election circle.

According to Omolaraeni, political stakeholders who wisely employed experienced professionals to manage their campaigns, commercials, public perception, and other electoral activities received excellent value for their investment. She made these observations during a policy dialogue held at the Sheraton hotel in Lagos, conducted via Zoom Webinar. The event provided an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss the benefits of integrated marketing communications in political campaigns.

Omolaraeni asserted that integrated marketing communications has firmly established itself in Nigeria. She commended smart politicians who recognized and utilized its strengths and opportunities to effectively engage voters and gain prominence in the political arena. She expressed admiration for both senior and junior colleagues who exhibited remarkable skills during the election period. The industry professionals demonstrated their expertise, underscoring the unfavorable outcomes for those who did not engage their services. Omolaraeni witnessed the development of increasingly sophisticated tools and techniques during that time. She emphasized the commendable narratives and success stories emerging in Nigeria, praising the contributions of young practitioners who not only advance the industry but also positively impact the broader business and political landscape of the nation.

She highlighted that numerous young Nigerian marketing communications experts are receiving recognition and accolades abroad for their innovative work. Many of them were honored for their groundbreaking ideas. These individuals represent Africa’s forward-thinking minds, revitalizing ideas and industries with fresh business models and innovative leadership. Omolaraeni noted that these young Nigerian marketing communicators go beyond creating captivating content and strengthening brand positions. They demonstrate that marketing campaigns can be utilized in diverse ways to achieve success, victory, and address pressing national issues. Their focus lies in creating and translating opportunities into tangible gains, while also driving the future of the country.

During the question-and-answer session, Omolaraeni responded to inquiries about leadership. She emphasized that a leader must be bold and cannot shirk responsibility. Leaders must lead from the front and take action when faced with challenges. In times of crisis, a leader should not remain silent or pass the blame. They must display courage, take ownership of their decisions, and not sacrifice themselves merely to maintain a favorable image. Clarity in defining tasks and establishing measurable parameters for results is crucial for effective leadership.

Omolaraeni further emphasized that leaders should reflect on the guidance and assistance they provide when things are not going well. They should never take success for granted and make the most of available resources. It is important to consider all information in their possession. In any organization, there will always be political dynamics, but leaders must rise above it and demonstrate their abilities. Omolaraeni shared these insights during the discussion.

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