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…Faster. Cleaner. Gentler. Yes, you can have it all with LG’s Washing Machine

LG Electronics, a global leader in innovative home appliances, is revolutionizing the laundry experience with its cutting-edge washing machines. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, LG’s latest washing machines are designed to enhance your laundry experience from the inside out.

 With school and extracurricular activities back in session and holidays just around the corner, staying on top of the at-home to-do list may have you wishing for extra hours in the day.

 As the pace of life accelerates, appliance makers such as LG Electronics (LG) are incorporating smart technology into their products to help you keep pace with household tasks—from cooking to vacuuming to doing laundry—as they pile up.

One feature spearheading this innovation is the addition of artificial intelligence Direct Drive Motor (AIDD) to front load washing machines. We at LG strive to build innovative solutions to revolutionize daily chores like washing clothes. Our diverse washing machine range becomes even better with AI Direct Drive Washing Machines.

The new AI Direct Drive Motor technology we have at LG uses artificial intelligence and advanced fabric care to deliver unrivaled performance, speed, and convenience says Nollywood actress and LG home appliances brand ambassador, Rita Dominic. It can be termed the most advanced innovation in the industry that provides optimal results.

Users purchase a washer based on a variety of factors such as automatic washing machine price and features. However, there are some essential washing machine features that can truly affect a buyer’s purchase decision, like AI Direct Drive (AI DD) technology.

AI Direct Drive (AI DD) intelligent technology makes washing easy. LG’s Smart Washing Machines with AI DD can automatically determine the best settings based on the weight and softness of your fabric for an optimal wash. The AI DD technology has matured over 20 years of advancements, observations, and experiments by LG to deliver effective and efficient washing.

Experimenting with different cycle settings can also save time and household energy in the long run, continued Rita. “That’s huge! My machine also offers a Quick Wash function, so if I have something I need cleaned really fast, it’s a 39-minute cycle that gets the job done in next to no time.”

“My washing machine boasts a suite of features that make doing the laundry a cinch. Its headliner here is the eponymous AI DD (Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive), which doesn’t just measure a laundry load’s weight but also the fabrics’ softness. Based on LG’s accumulated data, the wash cycle is then adjusted for each load to better protect its fabrics and extend their longevity.” She said.

Various other features complement this. TurboWash360°, for instance, uses four directional 3D multi-nozzles to reach every part of the laundry for a thorough wash that’s also faster. Steam+, on the other hand, comprises an integrated steamer that enhances hygiene by killing off dust mites while also relaxing fabrics to make them less wrinkled and easier to iron.

“We are more likely to do something if it is easy and repeatable, so we don’t have to use up a ton of mental energy to get the job done,” says Brian Kang, General Manager, Home Appliances Division, LG Electronics West African Operations. “I find that having the right products and tools makes doing laundry every week a lot easier.”

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