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Infobip and MoEngage Collaborate to Develop AI-driven Omnichannel Capabilities for Enhanced Conversational Experiences

Infobip has recently announced a significant partnership with MoEngage, with the goal of collaborating to establish a seamless conversational experience, enhance customer engagement, and build a strong brand presence through unified and AI-driven omnichannel communication.

As part of the collaboration, Infobip has joined MoEngage’s Catalyst Partner Program, designed to aid brands in achieving rapid scaling.

Leveraging Infobip’s extensive global reach, spanning over 75 offices across six continents, and connecting 7 billion mobile devices through 800+ telecom networks and 42 data centers, MoEngage aims to facilitate effortless cross-border interactions among customers and partners.

Moreover, the partnership empowers MoEngage to integrate direct customer access seamlessly across multiple channels, consequently reducing operational burdens and significantly improving the overall communication experience.

The combined expertise of Infobip and MoEngage allows brands to offer customer engagement across popular messaging platforms like RCS, SMS, and WhatsApp. Additionally, businesses can tap into the synergies of Infobip and MoEngage’s domain knowledge and technological proficiency to create bespoke communication solutions tailored to specific industry requirements.

Raviteja Dodda, Founder & CEO at MoEngage Inc., expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing the potential for creating memorable brand experiences that drive customer retention through seamless and unified offerings across various channels.

Veselin Vuković, VP of Strategic Alliances & Partnerships at Infobip, highlighted their vision to be the central communication platform between enterprises and their clients. He emphasized how the partnership with MoEngage amalgamates tools that aid enterprises in understanding their customers better, leading to personalized engagement and improved customer satisfaction.

Veselin Vukovic-VP of Strategic Partnerships, Infobip

Veselin further underlined the comprehensive solution they aim to deliver by combining cutting-edge CPaaS offerings with MoEngage’s insights-led customer engagement platform. This collaboration reinforces Infobip’s commitment to providing businesses with innovative tools for creating stronger connections and driving hyper-personalized and meaningful customer engagement across various communication channels.

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