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Cultivate Active Learning with Growth Mindset – Summit University VC to Student

The bold Innovation and Advanced Science Research Group, (IASRG), Summit University, Offa, (SUN, Offa) Kwara State, along with the acting Registrar, Mr. Mustapha Kadiri, and led by the Vice-Chancellor and Principal Investigator, Artificial Intelligence for Females in STEM (AI4FS), Professor Aibinu, gathered at the University’s Entrepreneurship building to hold the first retreat for the ASIRG, the hub University for the AI4FS project.

The purpose of the retreat, which has the topic “Active Learning with Growth Mindset,” is to inform the team members of the value of learning for application rather than only for knowledge.

The retreat was organized to analyze the team’s actions for 2022, set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for 2023, and develop group and personal plans/KPI for the current year, according to the tenacious Chief Executive and Chief Academic Officer who welcomed the attendees.

“Active learning involves more than just attending accredited courses; you also need to put your knowledge into practice. Study to develop, not simply to know, he said.

The Summit University VC reminded the participants that the AI4FS project aims at developing innovation and inventions that would be changing the way we gain knowledge, acquire skills, work in the industry, develop our curriculum and provide gender inclusiveness in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) in Nigeria.

The professor of Mechatronics Engineering went further to present an overview of his mandate on growing research, innovation and development at SUN, Offa, within four years to include: introducing grantsmanship and mentoring scheme, setting up four research groups with the provision of appropriate facilities, and promoting research-based teaching for sustainable and societal development.

He also outlined the 2023 KPI for the research group to include: Growing research proposal success rate from 5% to 10%, Generating =$=1,500,000 in research grants, Moving from non-indexed publishing to ISI indexed publishing (minimum of Q3 journals), have an income-generating registered startup company on the campus, fostering membership drive (quality over quantity), doubling the number of industry collaborators, extending invitation to other insitutions, Ensuring that the developed innovations from AISRG are patented with a minimum of two patents for the year, Attracting funded scholarship opportunities at Bachelor, Master, Doctorate and Post-Doctorate level to the University, amongst others.

The Vice-Chancellor of Summit University, Offa, opened the floor for all the research team members to present their achievements so far and state their goals/KPI for 2023.

At the second segment of the retreat, Professor Aibinu guided the team through the development of an effective yearly planner.

He emphasized the need to achieve this bearing 5 points in mind: I am to do the work, I must manage my time, I must ensure my success, I must accept feedback, and I must reward myself.

“As you prepare your year plan, make sure to include your family. Set SMART goals and don’t waste your Time.” Professor Aibinu said.

The lively programme ended with a flurry of discussion and questions on patents, the range of journal criteria, the dangers of procrastination, and how to properly handle failure, amongst others.

Members present at the event include: Dr. Asimiyu Muraina, the Acting Director of Academic Planning Unit, Summit University, Offa; Dr. Zubair, Ag. DSA; Mrs Ganiyat Afolabi-Yusuf, the Innovation and Advanced Science Research Group (IASRG) and AI4FS team lead; Mr Ibrahim Salawu, the coordinator, the Sustainable Governance Research Group (SGR); Mrs Mutiat Muhammad, Ag. Coordinator, the Research and Innovation Unit (RIU), Mrs. H. Lukman, the Coordinator, Academic and Industrial Immersion Programme Officer for the ASIRG; Dr. U. Okeme, the principal investigator, Bioenergy project; Mr. Y. O. Olatunde, the pioneer Ag. Coordinator, Honourary Visiting Fellowship Scheme, SUN, Offa; Mr. F. O. Uthman, the lead, Proposal Development Unit; and other 17 senior researchers and members of the group.

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