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The Top Smartphone Available for Under $200; The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G

THE MOST Intriguing cellphones don’t include the $1,200 flagship models with their little updates that only marginally enhance the camera from the previous year. No, inexpensive phones have caught attention. It’s amazing to watch the features that are making their way down from the high end and how quickly these phones are getting better. There is no better example of this than the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G.

This unrestricted $200 Android phone is very amazing. For as low as two hundred dollars, you can obtain a smartphone with more than two days of battery life, a surprisingly good camera system, a lengthy software update cycle, and the ability to execute the majority of daily tasks without acting unreasonably slowly. What’s even stranger is that Samsung managed to reduce the price by $50 while fixing the problems with the A14’s predecessor, the Galaxy A13 5G. The 1080-pixel resolution on the 6.6-inch LCD screen, which is crisper than the previous edition, looks great. Speaking of displays, a flagship feature that is trickling down is high refresh rates, which have begun to appear in some low-cost phones. The majority of smartphones formerly had 60-Hz screens, but by boosting the refresh rate from 60 to 90 or 120 times per second, you get a more fluid experience, and the phone feels more responsive. It’s good that Samsung kept the 90-Hz panel from the A13, but it’s really difficult to discern. When navigating the interface, it doesn’t feel as buttery smooth as more robust devices that may increase the frames more frequently. Performance is undoubtedly exceptional. The Galaxy A14 5G is a blessing in comparison to most $170 phones. You can truly switch between all of your apps without feeling anxious. This is made possible by the MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G’s internal 4 GB of RAM. Given that the A13 5G uses the same chipset and RAM, the performance improvement over the A14 5G is remarkable. You won’t experience bothersome hiccups while playing games like Alto’s Odyssey, CarX Highway Racing, and Dead Cells.

The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G is not a flagship device. Yes, there will still be sporadic stutters when you change between apps. You might occasionally need to force an app to close. But overall, it gives a positive experience using the A14 5G to check apps like Reddit and Twitter, respond to emails immediately, keep track of work duties, and even make calls. Finally, The Battery and the 50-megapixel main camera. The Battery lasts for approximately two days, and it takes pictures quite rapidly, and you can even use the Night mode to capture photographs that are reasonably bright and crisp in dim light (unlike the Moto G Play). Your nighttime photographs will inevitably have some occasional fuzz. Sometimes there is a bit too much processing going on, which can exaggerate some colors and smooth out some facial characteristics and other details. Even so, for a $200 phone, one would still be pleased with the majority of the results. That includes selfies taken using the front 13-megapixel camera (which also supports Night mode). If extreme close-up photography is your thing, there is a macro camera that may be used, but only in well-lit conditions.

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