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Vertiv Unveils Energy-Efficient, Scalable UPS Solution

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Vertiv, a global leader in critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, has launched the Vertiv™ Liebert® APM2, an innovative and energy-efficient addition to its uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems lineup.

The Liebert® APM2 is compatible with both lithium-ion (Li-ion) and VRLA batteries and boasts a compact design that can scale from 30kW to 600kW within a single unit. It offers substantial energy savings when compared to less efficient alternatives and can also be paralleled with up to four matching units for expanded capacity or redundancy. The Liebert APM2, certified with CE, is available in 400V configurations in regions including Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Asia, India, and China.

Addressing the growing power demands of edge computing applications and the limited space available at such sites, the Liebert APM2 delivers higher power output in a smaller footprint than similar-capacity solutions. In fact, Liebert APM2 models require up to 45% less space than their predecessor, the Vertiv™ Liebert® APM UPS. The Liebert APM2 offers installation flexibility, supporting in-row, in-room, against-the-wall, or back-to-back placements.

Kyle Keeper, Senior Vice President of Global AC Power at Vertiv, explained, “Vertiv developed the Liebert APM2 in response to the need for a compact and efficient product that provides reliable power quality and availability to the network edge. The UPS represents Vertiv’s cutting-edge solution for addressing growing power infrastructure requirements without the need for a complete system overhaul.”

The Liebert® APM2 operates with high energy efficiency in all modes, achieving up to 97.5% efficiency in double-conversion mode, up to 98.8% efficiency in Dynamic Online mode, and up to 99% efficiency in ECO mode. These modes are automated based on user preferences. The intelligent paralleling feature of the Liebert APM2 enables load sharing among multiple power modules and units, ensuring balanced unit runtime and automatic failover for enhanced system availability. This feature also contributes to energy efficiency.

Giovanni Zanei, Senior Director AC Power Global Offering & EMEA Business Leader at Vertiv, noted, “Vertiv has introduced enhancements in UPS systems, including the Liebert APM2, that improve operational efficiency, reduce data center PUE, and maintain system availability. The Dynamic Online feature, introduced on a robust global platform in 2018, enhances UPS efficiency and has been adopted by energy- and availability-conscious customers, including many colocators.”

The modular architecture of the Liebert APM2 allows for easy access to replaceable components and features hot-swappable building blocks, optimizing mean time to repair (MTTR) to under 30 minutes. Additionally, the Vertiv™ Life™ Services program is available as an option for remote monitoring and equipment health diagnosis, providing performance tracking for UPS systems.

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