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‘VR’ Searches Rocket 300% Worldwide after Apple Unveiled Vision Pro.

Searches for ‘VR,’ ‘mixed reality,’ and ‘augmented reality’ soared 300%, 1,130%, and 545% after Apple announced its Vision Pro headset.

Recent analysis of Google search data indicates a significant surge in online searches for ‘VR’ worldwide, experiencing a 300% increase on June 5. This spike in interest coincided with Apple’s unveiling of its new Vision Pro mixed reality headset at the Worldwide Developers Conference in California. The headset, set to release next year with a price tag of $3,499, generated substantial online buzz, resulting in the surge of VR-related searches.

In addition to the surge in VR interest, online searches for ‘AI’ or artificial intelligence have reached an all-time high. According to Google Trends data, there has been a remarkable 619% increase in ‘AI’ searches since 2004. The year 2023 has proven to be a breakout period for AI, with search volume more than doubling from 17 million in January to 42 million in May. This growth can be attributed, in part, to the widespread adoption of accessible technologies like ChatGPT and Google Bard.

During the Worldwide Developers Conference, searches for ‘mixed reality’ and ‘augmented reality’ also experienced significant spikes, with increases of 1,130% and 545% respectively. Apple CEO Tim Cook described the Vision Pro headset as a “revolutionary new product” that seamlessly blends the real world with the digital world, marking a significant step forward in the era of spatial computing.

Apple’s announcement not only fueled interest in VR and mixed reality but also caused a surge in users searching to ‘Buy Apple stock,’ which saw a 1,482% increase in searches worldwide over the past seven days.

TikTok also reported a substantial rise in interest in virtual reality, which has more than tripled, and artificial intelligence, which has soared tenfold since 2020.

A spokesperson from commented on these findings, highlighting the significant increase in AI interest this year. They noted that Apple’s announcement of the Vision Pro headset comes at a time when advanced AI technologies like ChatGPT have become accessible to a wide range of users. The spokesperson believes that Apple’s latest announcement could further drive the adoption of such advanced technologies in both personal and professional settings.

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